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Mthuthuzeli waited until 3.50am before the paramedic labelled the case a priority and it took a further 40 minutes for the ambulance to arrive

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Also, girls can get only teaching jobs here in Moreh

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One is that you don’t support the ideals and values of the Labour party

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Federal Reserve's long-awaited interest ratehike would come as early as its Sept

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We’re going to have a three-peat of nice weather days for the holiday weekend

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The Kessler Syndrome remains an ever-present threat.

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However, watching sports coverage sometimes requires a workaround when you don’t have cable

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He then folded over the two lengths, removed the crusts and cut eight identical triangles

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“With our first battery”electric Audi”SUV, we are combining an emission”free drive system with driving pleasure

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He was born in Poplar, East London, on December 17 1926

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If you're hoping to look as glam as Kylie then why not check out our glittering dresses below? With major embellished details, you're sure to catch the eye in one of our options

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This is a definite change in tone for Carson, who previously condemned the Planned Parenthood videos that revealed the organization's executives talking about the use of fetal tissue in research

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Back came the cops, five or six this time, some white, some black, led by a black-Hispanic female officer named Garcia

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Heart disease was becoming a problem and Senator George McGovern called a hearing that led to the first set of dietary guidelines for Americans

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Alibaba executives have touted the boom in mobile shopping as a new vein of customers to tap, but there the slowdown is even more drastic

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"This year, I'm really liking the way the quarterbacks have to solve problems in the huddle, because we're on the sideline," Chryst said

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We're over here (on the sideline) and we're trying to get the play in

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Parallels have been drawn between these and the young people who protested in the Middle East during the so-called Arab Spring more than four years ago

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California considers them "destructive devices," which are illegal, but the state does issue permits for use on movie sets.

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We don’t have the pubs of London

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They used a waterfall and slippery rocks as a "big slide" into Emerald Pool in the Yuba River, she said

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Once that core becomes massive enough, it is then able to attract gases that give it a thick atmosphere

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"Hay fever affects 10% of Irish people but can be managed with some simple steps allowing people to enjoy the outdoors during the summer months

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It says its tool is more accurate than the assessment offered on providers' own websites because it uses "higher thresholds" when determining whether people can receive and make phone calls

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No movie could capture all the alarming incidents and contradictions that make up the complete N.W.A

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Your dad is dead but you and your mother are very much alive, so live a little

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Meanwhile, there are 500 more suburbs that are part of the St

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