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Which explains this week's trip to the Maison de Noisette – a farm and educational centre dedicated to the humble hazelnut
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May sales were revised to show a gain of 1.9% instead of a 1% gain.
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By avoiding political diatribes, Ostalski says, Seva did not put his patriotic listeners on the defensive
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"Each lab will report back on its findings within ten days."
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It comes with 64MB DDR2 RAM and packs 16GB of storage
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Xinhua said peoplehad been hurt by broken glass and other flying debris.Authorities told reporters they expected the blasts to haveforced 6,000 people from their homes by nightfall.
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The doctors pointed out that these illnesses affect not only the patients, but their families, health services and the economy as a whole
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This Swedish official refused both
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It was lately traded at 6.4422 per dollar.
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For its part, a person close to Shire said it had room to maneuver on price, and could move in the next couple of weeks to break an impasse
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The reason that she got involved in modelling was, and I’m not kidding, was because we were getting seismic reactions as we walked along the streets.”
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During harsh winters, Saigas migrate to other locations in Kazakhstan and return during spring
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Many of the Harris Westminster pupils travel from outside London
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She said she didn't try to contact him so that he could "start over" with a new family.
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Stephen told Natasha about his male lovers but she assumed this would now cease
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Dairy farmers in particular have seen incomes collapse because of over-production on the world market
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Most importantly, avoid making the success or failure of your business the defining feature of your identity as a person
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"If you look, there are some good players out there," Thomas says
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Heather Saul is a digital reporter for The Independent, currently working on the People desk
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Last month, Cosby lost a bid to fend off a lawsuit that accused him of sexually abusing a 15-year-old girl at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles in 1974
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He always did his job and got on with it without problems
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Any contention was focused on the secretary of state as opposed to those health officials in Northern Ireland.
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It is claimed that Jay-Z’s paperwork did not “not express in detail” all the ways in which Hamdi’s wong “Khorsa, Khorsa” would be used.
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It was the start of an annual tradition for Seva, who likes to meet his fans on his birthday, 9 July.
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Avoid flying, if you can, to save yourself the stress.
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I manage my illness by leading a restricted lifestyle with gentle exercise and good nutrition, pacing myself, managing symptoms and avoiding stress.
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Issuers are more likely to approve a bump if you've already demonstrated that you are a valuable and responsible customer
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“It was obvious to me that he did not remember me and used the same line about how I was a ”fine Irish lass,’” the 64-year-old said
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Similarly, "pop by the [office supply] store every other week so you can get items" as they go on sale, Woroch says
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"We want Maersk Line to grow at least with the market todefend its market-leading position
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Later on they might be put to work when the time is right for some kind of political engagement."
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If the boss, who has already proved herself by taking one short maternity leave, doesn’t feel like she can leave her desk for more than a few days, what hope for the rest of us?
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"In this particular case, the force is coming against your chest so the blood gets squeezed
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With many eurozone governments still focusing on reducing debt, that would need to come from companies, which could spend more on projects if their earnings pick up, he noted.
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He returned to New York on Tuesday, but was taken ill and died from a suspected heart attack the next day
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That could be because booze in Egypt often ranges from the questionable to the downright undrinkable
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The Mets see the 180-inning limit as a "soft" suggestion and will evaluate the 26-year-old on a case-by-case basis
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Mr Franklin built Florida-based Jarden Corp into a consumer-goods empire valued at about $10.4bn, while Mr Gottesman co-founded hedge fund GLG Partners and sold the firm to Man Group in 2010.
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We did stop hiring for a minute."
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It was particularly unsuitable also for armoured warfare
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For a designer brand try Dolce and Gabbana's offering, and for an affordable bargain shop either Missguided or Accessorize.
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