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In a statement, Tinder director Matt Cohler said Payne was not a good “long-term fit” for the company

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Carter's health became a matter of concern in recent months after he cut short a trip to Guyana in May to observe national elections

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The fastest growing subject was computing - up 29.1 per cent.

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Dow also argued the March 2009 crime was not a capital murder because Lopez didn't intend to kill Corpus Christi Lt

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It came without a caption, but thousands got the joke - it was one of the most popular deleted posts, shared more than 65,000 times before it was taken down, according to Weiboscope.

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The tightening labor market is steadily lifting household income, which is supporting consumer spending.

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Ma Rainey was typical of the new breed of vaudeville blues singers

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Tom Brady may have scored some points Wednesday in federal court against Roger Goodell and the NFL, for the simple reason that a U.S

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After 2019, the Treasury will start spending down the surplus, with estimates of depletion in 2035

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It provides information on all of the supports and services available for people diagnosed with dementia and their families

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“He’s been right behind me from the very start

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He is constantly getting calls, so we feel powerless.”

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"The strong dollar suggests that a very slow pace is needed until currency values stabilize."

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Even Beyonce talks dirty, spitting “Bow down, bitches,” in “Flawless.”

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Constitution's ban on the government establishing a religion by "openly adopting a policy that promotes her own religious convictions at the expenses of others."

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And our temptation is toask: "How would a Biden bid affect her?" "Is there enough room in the establishment space for both of them?"

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passenger carriers are allotted 160 weekly round-trip flights between the United States and three of China's mega cities.

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Anything right will be lost over the steep bluffs.

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Also knowing that others have gone through what I am experiencing is comforting


A social media backlash is more likely.

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He didn’t show much improvement Wednesday, so team medical staff has opted to treat it with medication.

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They used a waterfall and slippery rocks as a "big slide" into Emerald Pool in the Yuba River, she said

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I was actually surprised that he went all the way through it."

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"The previous estimate of trees in the world was 400 billion

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Liberian emigre Thomas Eric Duncan first arrived at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas on September 25, complaining of a headache and nausea

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We get a little more business because of it, but just a little bit."

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In truth, overdelivering at work can backfire if you aren't careful

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Invertebrates generally have a less evolved nervous systems, but not the octopus

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Strobing is the technical term for highlighting; whereas contouring uses the interplay between dark and light to create definition, strobing simply relies on light to accentuate features.

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Gandolfini wasn’t the only “Sopranos” star to show up

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This approach will ensure people get home from hospital sooner and safer, as well as freeing up thousands of beds and saving money."

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An oil painting of Hall hanging in an agency's hallway shows her deep in concentration while sending coded messages.

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"Each time a refugee boat sinks, with people screaming, shouting and drowning, we swear 'Never again.' We hold minutes of silence

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Roisin O’Connor is a journalist at The Independent’s online editorial team, working on news, social media and Arts

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While unlikely to have more than immediate symbolic impact,the steps could help Swiss companies aiming to do more businesswith Iran to respond quickly if and when the U.S

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We've seen Alberto Contador not quite at his best at the Tour having done the Giro earlier, and I also did the Vuelta in 2012 after I came second in the Tour and I really felt it was hard

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Abstain from posting comments that are obscene, defamatory or inflammatory, and do not indulge in personal attacks

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Landrieu said that after near-death experiences there's a tendency to want life to go back to exactly the way it was before

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More than 250,000 A-level candidates are due to receive their results this morning.

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