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It’s an open Premier League this season

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ISIS has also struck Shiite areas closer to Baghdad

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Through decades of social, political and technological change that parallel the upheavals of the 19th century, Elizabeth II has successfully personalised her symbolic role as unelected head of state

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"It's the same lawyers over and over and over again, Ms Herndon among them

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Parks are soon to be off-limits in Britain if the lobbyists get their way

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Atlanta: RHP Shelby Miller (5-12, 2.56) is winless in his last 19 starts, but allowed one run in seven innings of a 4-0 loss to the Marlins on Monday

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They twirl their arms like an old-timey movie villain with a moustache

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Games are high-scoring: a point is awarded for hitting the ball between two goalposts with three points for a goal - scored under a crossbar into a net between the posts.

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It is one of China's more modern cities and is connected to the capital by a high speed rail line.

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There was substantial heterogeneity in the examined studies and a small number of cohorts for some associations

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There was the huge fireball in the sky with thick clouds

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Leno added, “Dave was a broadcaster who worked as a comedian

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electric sector on a greener path over the next five years

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"We had a cipher code clerk go to a bar and be approached by a good looking person," Cason said

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I’m happy to relinquish the grind of housework and utility bills so I can get on with the important stuff (now, now, not all of it involves Pinot Noir)

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